Welcome to: Design Your Epic Career

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Welcome to the “Architect Your Epic Life” course!

 I am so thrilled and honored that you have chosen to “rebuild” your career with me as your guide.  Thank you for putting your trust in me, as you join me on this transformational journey. It is truly a privilege to work with you on building your dream job centered around your individual passion and purpose.

Throughout the course, I will have the opportunity to share all of my insights with you.  I will hold NOTHING back! We will work towards clarity on your individual struggles, dreams, and goals.

The coursework I have been developing over the last several years is truly groundbreaking, and works remarkably well. However, the level of commitment and involvement on your part is crucial.  You will get out of this as much as you put in. To really get the optimal results, make sure that you do all the worksheets and handouts, answer questions as honestly as you can, and spend time thinking introspectively. I recommend journaling throughout this process and checking in with yourself periodically to make sure that you are connecting with the material, and listening to your inner voice. If your inner voice is too silent to hear…Don’t worry! We will be working on that, and I will help you to quiet your mind so that you can hear its whispers.


In this course, you will be getting the following:

-Video workshops online with content that is insightful, life-changing and profoundly effective to defining your passion and purpose.

-Powerful exercises designed to strengthen your inner voice, uncover your strengths, and desires.

-A downloadable workbook with all the guidance, thoughtful questions, and tips to maximize your transformation.

-The 8 powerful steps, defined and explained with examples and personal stories to make all this happen for you.

-Access to my Private Facebook page where you can ask questions, connect with me, and also others in this course.


Remember, this course is all about you! It is about your spiritual and personal growth; it is about your empowerment and clarity; it is about your individual transformation, all working towards finding your passion and getting you on track to create the career of your dreams!

With gratitude and boundless inspiration,

Karen Otis