Here's what people are saying about the Architect Your Epic Life Program!

Trishia G. 

"I am becoming clear and focused. The Blueprint was helpful as it defined my action steps along with specific target dates for completion. Thank you for creating this beautiful healing space for us.”

Shelley S. 

“The wonderful women who attended became like sisters. I felt such a release of emotion by the end of the retreat.”



Lizzy Headshot_C.jpg


“I am amazed how people open up to you, Karen. You have such a non-judgmental energy about you.”



Linda Headshot_C.jpg


“Hearing about other people’s experiences made me feel more aware that we all are on different journeys.  The steps in Karen’s Architectural Method help each of us.”

Leta Headshot_C.jpg


“I love the structure of your program. The step-by-step process is very helpful for me to create a new life plan.”


Kim W. Headshot_C.jpg

Kim W. 

“Karen, your guidance was so helpful! I loved the open discussion, and felt like I got a big hug from everybody here.”

Kim F. Headshot_C.jpg

Kim F. 

“This retreat helped me to realize that I do have a desire to be more- -that I can push through the status quo. If I didn’t take this seminar, I would never have realized this at all!”

Heather M. Headshot_C.jpg

Heather M. 

“The presentations were well organized and thought out. I love how you shared your life experience with us. It was so honest, and it encouraged us all to look into ourselves. The women attending were amazing. I loved all of it!”