The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way in which we use them.
— Anonymous


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About Me

Bachelors of Sociology, UCLA
Certificate program Urban Planning and Business

Masters of Architecture, Sci-ARC
Business / Life Coach & Influencer

Architecture has been my passion for over 25 years! It infiltrates every part of my life…it molds my perceptions as it has become a way of thinking and seeing the world with a unique perspective. Having created and built hundreds of amazingly beautiful buildings, I know the creative Architectural Method that I use whenever designing a building inside and out!

Years ago after enduring a painful divorce that left my life and that of my kids in shambles, I found the courage and insight to take what I knew best, architecture, and apply the same creative Architectural Method to rebuilding my life. That inspired idea changed everything! By rebuilding my life, I found clarity, inspiration, and a newly defined purpose. I built for myself a Life inspired. Soon, I was sharing this process that I had gone through with other people who weren’t architects at all. They were moms, lawyers, business people, divorcees, college-bound students—each looking for meaning and direction, and they found it to be empowering too! 

Motivated by newfound insight and purpose, I embarked on a new journey to help young women navigate their industries with finesse, especially those working in male-dominated industries. I share stories, insights, and hacks on my weekly podcast on how to become the CEO of your life!