Products That I Love 

I love when something that inspires me then inspires others, so I wanted to share with you all products that I just love! 

Wobble Chess Set


Jessen Sideboard


Splendid Ashton Backpack



Venus Sectional 


She Has Fire In Her Soul Geometric Cuff Bracelet

Clarissa Modulo B130 - My preference is the grey exterior color with the maple interior color.

Viggo Wood Napkin Ring

Zen Collection Scented Candle

Tabora Tall Oversized Vase (Copper)

DKNY Tilly Logo Medium Tote

Aplomb Pendant Lights

Cerno Levo LED Sconce


Traveler Pocket Journal & Pen Set

Romeo & Juliet Couture Bell-Sleeve Denim Jacket

Free Press Floral Print Satin Kimono