My Interactive Course 

 I am so thrilled and honored that you have chosen to “rebuild” your love life with me as your guide.  Thank you for putting your trust in me, as you join me on this transformational journey. It is truly a privilege to work with you on designing your epic love life centered around finding the kind of love that is profound, where the connection is powerful, the chemistry is fiery, and the desire to spend time together with your partner is boundless.

But here's the lives don't just happen. You have to create and build your epic love life! I know firsthand, because that is what I had to do years ago after the betrayal and infidelity of my marriage knocked my world to its very core. It had left me heartbroken, ashamed, deeply hurt and untrusting. I thought I would never be able to rebuild a love life out of the divorce rubble. I’m sure that many of you can to relate to that…So when I applied my life-altering technique and method (which actually comes from architecture--I know it seems crazy but that is what makes it unlike anything else you have ever tried) to envisioning and building an extraordinary, knock-your-socks-off kind of love life--it changed everything! I discovered that I had some very unhealthy patterns in place that were blocking my ability to find the man of my dreams; I was limiting my options with self-imposed rules and requirements, and literally sabotaging my own desires.


Once I worked the “ground-breaking architectural method” to redirect and rework my love life—that is when I opened myself up to meeting Jeff, my soul mate, and he elevated my life to new heights. He awakened my heart like never before. Eight years later we are living our happiest and best life ever. We have built a new home that feels like our precious love nest, and are deeply enjoying the life we have created together. So now that is what brings me to you and an opportunity that might be the biggest most life-changing decision you make.  Let me explain what I have achieved with the women in my program so that you can evaluate it for yourself.


Here's how it works. 


In this results-driven course, we:


-take an in-depth look at what is not working in your life, and what you want or need in order to catapult your love life.


-look at the destructive patterns in love that have not been serving you and you didn’t even know you had! We dig in to why they began, and how to boldly interrupt the cycle that continues to sabotage you.


-clear the negative thoughts and unresolved baggage from prior relationships so that you are ready to move forward with a fresh perspective.


-re-examine the characteristics that you are looking for in a partner and study if they really are conducive to lasting love and lifelong compatibility.


-dive into "the architectural method," my unique method of dating that I teach only to my VIP clients...and that was the exact method I used to successfully find the love of my life. It's an approach that keeps you feeling safe, out of overwhelm, and allows you to be the architect of your love life rather than vulnerably be at the mercy of others.


-build the skills to evaluate your prospects and measure their compatibility with you.


-develop the skills to communicate honestly and openly, and with newfound ease so that your relationship grows.


-make necessary tweaks to your dating pattern to smooth out the bumps in the road and streamline your journey to love.


-work through any of the commitment concerns or fears you may have.


-reveal the skills to ignite and maintain the passion and spark in your relationship that make it the most extraordinary love you have ever experienced.


-Access to my private Facebook group where you can ask any questions, or feel free to exchange ideas.


…AND with all of this in place, in this program, we succeed in FINDING YOU THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!



Does it work? YES! And my clients, as well as ME, are living proof!


Remember, this course is all about you! It is about your spiritual and personal growth; it is about your empowerment and clarity; it is about your individual transformation, all working towards finding the partner of your dreams and build and epic love life!



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