Choosing a Career Dilemma: How Do You Know What The Right Choice Is?

Stuck in the Career Choice Dilemma?


It can be a daunting task to choose a career for yourself. Sure, there are things you enjoy doing, things you are passionate about, and things that hold your attention for long periods of time; but are those the only factors that should determine your career choice?


Whether you are just embarking into the professional world for the first time, or you are at a pivotal crossroads where you want a career change, you need to consider many factors. Without this type of inner contemplation, you run the risk of engaging in a career that will not match your skills and talents, or not bring you the happiness you desire.


1.       What are you passionate about?

To really attain that career bliss, you need to choose a career that aligns directly with your passion. That is the surefire way to enjoy your work, be highly motivated and driven to succeed, and to assure longevity in a career path. But you are probably wondering, “What in the world am I passionate about?”


The best ways to discover your passion is to think about what tasks or activities you like to do so much that when you are involved in them, you literally lose track of time, because you are so engaged. That is most likely your passion.


Another method to reveal your passion is to remember how you used to play as a child. What did you like to do? What did you like to do as a teenager? Most likely these will guide you to discover your passion.


2.       What is your talent or skill set?

Each person has a talent or skill that comes easily to them. Aligning your career with the talent that comes naturally to you is the best way to insure your success. You may not even think that it qualifies as a talent, but more often than not, it probably is your unique gift or skill. For example, maybe you are a wiz at organizing. You might think that wouldn’t be considered a talent, but it is since not everyone is good at this. Certain people can bring a fresh sense of organization out of what was previously a disastrous mess!


3.       How do you envision the job?

For many of us, the “idea” of a certain job seems great, exciting, and even glamorous. But is it really? It is important to research and ask a few people who are actually in the career of your choice to explain what their day-to-day looks like. What tasks do they typically do? How stressful or how fun is the job? What are their responsibilities? Make certain that your chosen career still holds your interest even when you find out the details.


4.       What training or education will you need?

Determine what education you will need to obtain a job in your chosen career. Don’t panic if you do not have that degree or certification yet. If it is truly the career that you dream of, would you be able to set yourself on this education path? Sometimes we think that we must have all the requirements in order to select a career. But, I encourage you to set your sights on the career that you truly WANT, and do not let education hold you back. Embark on the training you will need, because learning is always possible. And in the end, you will reap the rewards.



Remember that you are a unique individual, and figuring out the exact career that suits you best is essential to your ultimate career happiness. There is not a universal answer to what career is best. It takes individual introspection, research, and perseverance to determine the very best career path for yourself. I have come across a fantastic career quiz that I think asks the right questions, sorts out your likes and dislikes, and can offer some career possibilities you hadn’t thought of. Just make sure that you do not use ONLY this quiz. The four steps that I outlined above are by far the most effective way to make your decision. But a quiz is always fun, right?


Check out the quiz below! Once you do the quiz, share what you discovered in a comment! I love seeing the different results.


As always, stay inspired!

With Gratitude,

Karen Otis