How To Figure Out What Your Dream Job Is

We all want to work in a field that ignites our passion, but sometimes we just don’t know where to start. How do you even know what your dream job is? Or what you are passionate about? Trust me Bossgals, I have helped so many women in the same position check their gut and explore their soul to find out what really gets their creative juices flowing! 


In order to find out what you really love doing, I suggest taking some of these actionable steps…


1.    Look at Your Employment History

What kinds of jobs have you had in the past? Are they all in one industry? What did you like / dislike about those experiences? You certainly don’t want to entertain a career in something that you hated! So even though you may have repeatedly taken jobs in a certain industry, it is important to evaluate if that industry itself was the right direction for you. It might seem wise to stay the course, but a pivot into a new industry can also be a much needed change if it doesn’t resonate any longer. Also, take stock in any volunteer activities you’ve participated in. If you do something for the fulfillment and joy of it without earning a paycheck, chances are you’re on the right track to finding your true passion!


2.    Determine Your Purpose / Mission

Do you feel like you were put on this Earth to do _____? If so, examine that further. How can you make that happen? If you don’t feel that way, that’s ok!  Think about your personal mission in life. What would you like to accomplish? Take your own values into account because they need to be aligned with your purpose. Exploring these on a deeper level is bound to get your subconscious awakened, and send the message to your brain to get some ideas formulating on what kind of jobs fit your personal purpose / mission. Sometimes this takes a little soul searching, meditation, journaling, etc. Oftentimes the first answers we give ourselves need to be evaluated a bit further and these exercises help us do just that.


3.    What Are Your FavoriteSkills? 

We know that skills are an ability or a mastery, but what skills are you sincerely interested in utilizing? A favorite skill is one that you are interested in and willing to use. For example, if you are skilled at your job, but you hate your job, that would notbe a favorite skill. Think about what your skills are and what you love to do using those skills! 


4.    Establish Your Ideal Work Environment 

Visualizing your ideal work environment will give you valuable insight as to what kind of career you’re interested in. Most of us fall into a career after college and just get stuck, but is it what you envisioned when you were young? How has your vision changed? Do you like working alone? Are you a great team player that loves the collaboration with others? Are you a born leader? Do you get excited and motivated by leading a team? These kinds of questions will help guide you. Envisioning your ideal work environment is an important step to clarify your career goals and point you in the right direction! 



 So Bossgals, have you visualized your dream job? Are you living it? I hope so! If not, I hope this gets you on the right track! For further exercises to live out your purpose and build the career of your dreams, check out this link to my book/workbook. It is a great source for inspired change.


Until next time….