Bringing Back Some of the Lost Arts

In today’s technological world, there are so many awesome advancements that help us stay connected to each other and the outside world. However since we can be fully bogged down with our digital world, we often miss out on some of life’s treasures hidden in the simple acts like reading a paperback or hardcover bound book, making tea, writing a hand-written letter (OMG remember getting those?), and calling someone instead of texting. These things all seem to be lost arts in today’s world, but I thought we might try bringing them back.


Reading Books

First of all, I want to say that Kindles and ipads are great! I use my iPad for reading and it’s an awesome way to read on an airplane, or long car ride, etc. But the thing about Kindles or ipads is that they hold literally thousands of books. So that in itself is distracting! I don’t know about you, but I’ll hear of a book recommendation, download it, then forget about it. The beauty of reading an actual “in your hands, turn the pages,” kind of book— is that the focus is entirely on one book, one story, allowing our minds to be immersed in the content, and just for one small moment, live in a fantasy world that is all our own. There is something to be said about hitting “pause” on electronics and enjoying the solitude of being immersed in an exciting story without gadgetry.


Making Tea

I know this sounds kind of strange, so hear me out. Making tea used to be a part of everyday life for many Europeans and Americans alike.  And in Japan, tea making is literally an art form which has its own ceremony. It speaks to a zen mindset and being fully in the moment. We as Americans tend to always be “on the go.” I know I am, you?  We’re grabbing our coffee from Starbucks and continuing our day. But the art of making tea is a process. Letting the tea seep before you drink it, enjoying every sip, and just taking 20 mins out of every day to just enjoy the drink and take a break. 20 mins. We all have 20 mins to set aside for ourselves every day. It’s important to take a mental and emotional rest and spend a few minutes quietly sipping tea or enjoying a 20 minute chat with a friend who can join you for tea. And if you get a beautiful tea pot to actually brew your own tea…then oh my, the art just went up a notch!


Writing a Letter

There is still something so special about receiving a hand-written letter in the mail, don’t you think? When is the last time you received one or wrote one yourself? Um…cricket cricket. I can’t even say when I have… If someone takes the time to sit down, write down their thoughts and feelings, just to mail to you…it feels so personal, doesn’t it? So next time you want to sit down and write an email to someone special, think about writing a letter instead. Guaranteed it will make more of an impact and feel so much more personal and meaningful to whomever is on the receiving end of your letter. Try it, and let me know how it goes over.


Calling Instead of Texting

Like writing a letter, calling is a much more personal touch. Nowadays with texting being the main source of communication between everyone, things like tone and intention get lost in texting. I personally know of many miscommunications that have happened simply because someone interpreted the meaning of a text incorrectly. It is probably the cause of many quarrels, wouldn’t you agree? Calling someone not only gives them a chance to hear your voice and understand your tone, but it conveys to the person that you care enough to give them 30 mins of your time to ask how they’re doing and listen to what they have to say. Try it out!


So…I think I might just have to go sit somewhere beautiful and quiet, make some tea and read my book…and then write a sweet love letter and give my besties a call! Sounds fabulous!




Until next time…