Things To Do With Your S.O. On A Budget

You and your S.O. are bored at home on a Friday night and money is tight…we’ve all been there! So what are some options to still have some big fun on a shoe string budget? I’ve got some ideas for you!


1.)  Board Games.

-      I know, I know sounds kind of lame but hear me out...board games can be fun, competitive, and you can even agree on a sexy wager for the outcome of the game! For example, “Strip Monopoly” (clearly not G rated) involves removing a piece of clothing every time you pass Go. As you can guess, it gets both fun & steamy real quick!


2.)  Wine & Cheese sampling

-      Pick up an inexpensive bottle of wine, some cheeses, grapes, and have yourselves a fun time sampling wine & cheeses! You could sit down and watch some Netflix while enjoying your homemade charcueterie sampler or blind fold each other and do a taste test! Either way you are both bound to have a fun night sampling your favorites at home, no expensive winery needed! 


3.)  Have a Cooking Competition. 

-      You each make a dinner for the other then do a friendly judging of the meals while you enjoy them! If you’re really adventurous, you can try each cooking a meal using only ingredients in your pantry, like the show “Chopped”! 


4.)  Have a Home Day Spa. 

-      Fill the tub with some warm water, add some Epsom salts (also add rose petals for some extra luxury!), light some candles, and relax in the bathtub together with some masks and slices of cucumber. Top it off with massages you give each other. This is a cheap, fun, and romantic evening to spend with your S.O.


5.)  Work on a Home Improvement Job Together. 

-      Whether it's painting your bedroom, reorganizing, or rearranging the furniture, pick something that you'll both enjoy doing and make that your goal for the day! Working on something together is a definite bonding technique. Then reward yourselves with ice cream afterward! That always helps too!


Just remember that we make our own fun. Life is meant to be lived fully and with gusto, and a shoe string budget shouldn’t get in your way. Kick your fun-scale up a notch Girlboss!