What's Your Fashion Style?

What are you wearing? And NO…I’m not asking like a creepy stalker….

Fashion has so many varying styles. And when we wear what feels right to us, what makes us feel not only comfortable but beautiful, our fashion style can make us feel empowered, confident, and ready to tackle whatever comes our way. And that is ultra-important for a Girl Boss. Right?


Studies have actually shown that when you wear clothes that you really like and feel good in, that good ol’ dopamine is triggered and released into your system, giving a feeling of happiness. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which transmits signals between other nerve cells in our brains. It’s also referred to as the “feel good hormone.”  It’s crazy to think that this dopamine release occurs when we experience sex, food….and now we can add fabulous fashion to the list?! Not bad ladies, right?


Maybe Vera Wang said it best, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.”


That rush you get when your fave clothes are on and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror…YUP it’s real. Well that got me to thinking about how important it is to develop our very own sense of personal style. A style that gives us that rush of dopamine, bold confidence, and unique Girlboss drive.


So…I’ve come up with seven distinct fashion styles. These refer mostly to our business attire. Not so much about our weekend wear or going out style. These are girlboss business looks. As you listen, figure out which one best describes you?


Let’s jump right in!




                This style is kind of retro. It is all about looking back to different styles from the past, and carrying them over to today. It can be an assortment of looks that pull from 1920’s-1970’s fashion. Think of 50’s dresses, pinup fashion or flapper style clothes.  (Katie Perry, Betsy Johnson)



                Boho is short for bohemian. This style is heavily inspired by the hippie gypsy, free spirit lifestyle. It is a carefree flowy look that defies structure and tradition. It’s about beading, embroidered jackets and denim, flowy tiered skirts, and ethnic touches of jewelry. The clothing companies, Free People and Anthropologie have really nailed this style. (Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Nicole Ritchie)




                This fashion style stands for sophisticated chic. It’s all about smart, sophisticated elegance. The word chic comes from French meaning elegance and skill. It is on point with trends and the latest fashion. It evokes a sense of empowerment and business savvy. It looks smart and classy. It is usually well-tailored and striking. Think of Blake Lively in the movie, “A simple favor.” (Kerry Washington, Amal Clooney, Meghan Markel, Blake Lively)



                An Artsy style is usually completely untraditional. It is about a very independent and personal flair of creativity. This style does not typically follow any trendy fashion, but rather is an expression of creative energy. It is usually flamboyant, colorful, and full of life. It can be innovative and interesting. It is for those who are art lovers, firm believers in self-expression, and those who find their fashion sense by thinking out of the box.



CAZH is short for Casual. It is the fusing of stylishness with comfort. In millennial circles, this is the style of choice. It is a simple fashion sense without the frills or bold accents of other trends. It is usually a smaller palette of colors and wardrobe pieces. This style detests an uncomfortable look, putting comfort as a high priority. This is a “keep it simple” approach to business wear. Think of the Gap or white, black, or grey t-shirts, maybe with a cardigan or loose sweater. Add booties, and you are good to go. (Mila Kunis or Kourtney Kardashian)



This style is all about expressing a rocker, rebellious look. Some of the staples for this fashion style are torn jeans, vintage band t-shirts, and a leather jacket. The clothes are not baggy, but rather snug and form fitting. They are worn with attitude. It is edgy, kind of badass, and a bit on the fringe. The common staples would be black skinny jeans (ripped of course), studded black ankle boots, and a black leather motorcycle jacket. (Gwen Stefani)



The word preppy comes from preparatory or prep school. It is a collegiate look with staples like collared shirts, khaki pants or skirts, and loafers. It is rather conservative and conventional, and never loud or uniquely expressive. It tends to be classic and tailored. It began from the east coast prep schools and much of their uniforms. As this style evolved, certain pieces were retained from that look. (La Coste, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew definitely embody this preppy style.)



So girlbosses those are my seven style categories. Which one defines you? Does one embody your fashion look? Is it Vintage, or Boho. Maybe it’s sophi chic, or artsy. Cazh, rocker girl, or preppy? Share which one defines your stylish look by leaving me a comment. And post a pic on instagram with your business style. Make sure to hashtag it #mygirlbossstyle, and I’ll be looking for it!


For me, when it comes to my business attire, I’d say I’m the SOPHI CHIC. And when I wear that style, yes I do feel empowered and confident. I feel every ounce of my confident stride!


So ladies, remember that your style speaks volumes about who you are, without saying a word.


And for my wrap up quote I’m going to one of the kings of fashion.

Marc Jacobs says,

"To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear."


So bossgals…wear it well! Until next time, stay inspired, rock your fashion style, and keep on crushin’ it.