Life Hacks To Be More Productive

Life Hacks to be more productive


As girl bosses our to-do lists are miles long, aren’t they? I know that for me, I often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my list. Between running your career, your home, your relationships, and your family, it can be downright exhausting and overwhelming.


Well, over the years, I have developed some efficient strategies to get more done with less effort and in less time. And I’m going to share them all with you today. Are you ready for my proven life hacks to make you even more productive than you already are? Seriously Boss babe, these really work, and are so helpful that they are like gold.

Here we go:


Getting household chores done with ease:

Do you find yourself unable to find the time for market shopping? Who has that kind of time, right? Well, many stores (Vons, Ralphs, even Whole Foods) have a time-saving service to help you out. Go online, place your order, and they will deliver it. For you that cuts out driving time, finding parking, and

aisle by aisle shopping!


How about finding the time to tackle the shower grime? There are several new sprays out there that don’t require the labor intensive wiping down. You just spray and let it do its job. The more you can use these types of time-saving tricks, the more time you will have for those tasks that absolutely can’t be done without you.


How about the dry cleaning? I find that this one always gets pushed aside. I literally drive around with the dry cleaning for weeks before making it there. It just always seems so inconvenient. Well, there are several cleaners that offer pick up and delivery and get this….at no charge! They even sell these discount cards (I bought one for $40) with tons of discounts to use. I think I made back my $40 in the very first order! They have a set schedule where they pick up or drop off two times a week. I bring my bag to work, and they pick up and drop off there. So easy!


Banking: do you go into the branch? Not me! I am a huge fan of the mobile deposit available by most banks. What a genius idea! By using that, I hardly ever make a stop to the bank. It literally saves me a trip, parking, and standing in line for a teller. No time for that ladies!


Car maintenance: we’ve got to keep our cars in working order, but it can be tricky to fit that into the schedule, especially if you need your car pretty much all the time. So here’s what I do. I call for an appointment, and schedule a loaner vehicle. It is no charge at all. Then, I drop off my car, grab the loaner and get on with my day. No sitting around in the waiting room, no wasting time. And, on top of that, when I go pick up my car it is serviced and freshly washed too!


Prescriptions and refills. Don’t you absolutely hate going to the pharmacy and waiting in line with lots of other sick people to get your refills? There is a way to avoid all of that! Most pharmacies offer an online or phone service to place your refill order. It’s a quick few minutes at whatever time is convenient for you, and then they mail them directly to you! No driving to the pharmacy, no finding parking, no lines to wait it, no germ-infested transactions. This is truly the way to go! You just have to be on top of it to order with enough time to have them mailed out.


And continuing with the health to do’s, when you need to talk to a doctor, you may want to try the new concept of “phone appointments.” Now this may not be available by all caregivers, but I do know that Kaiser Permanente offers this. It is a fantastic service! They schedule a time for the call with either your doctor or a nurse practitioner. They are always right on time when they call you. And then, they don’t even charge for that “doctor visit!” Can’t ask for more than that!


Still on the medication topic, do you have some pills that you have to take every day? Do you just go through bottle by bottle, one by one each morning or evening to take them? That can be tiresome and takes quite a bit of time to open each, dole them out, etc. I like to use a weekly pill box (with the days of the week on it). And then each Sunday I fill them up for the week. It takes away tons of daily effort. So then, each morning when I’m usually trying to get out of the house to work or a meeting, all I do is open that day and all my meds are right there! One easy step that saves time.


Doesn’t it seem like there is always a birthday of a friend or family member? Rather than going to buy each card as the birthday comes up, why not buy cards for the birthdays or events for like the next 3 months? That way, it takes one visit to the store, not 3 or 4. And then you don’t have to remember to pick up a card before the next event. At the same time, I pick up wrapping paper for all of them too! When you can group the tasks, you will be so much more efficient!


Whenever there is a festival or art fair, I make it a point to go and buy most of my gifts for the next 6 months. That way, I have them ahead of time which takes away the worry and panic of trying to find a good gift at the last minute. Also the goodies I find are usually unique and artistic, like a beautiful necklace or earrings, etc. something artsy and fun.


And of course, I’m a huge fan of online shopping. Yes, I once loved the mall stroll. Going shopping for the day, browsing through stores. But, with the fabulous invention of online shopping, my shopping has become so much more efficient! No more circling the mall parking lot in search of a parking spot. No more traffic headaches. No more trying to find an attendant and then a cashier. I honestly go months and months without ever stepping into a mall or physical store.


And my last efficiency tip for maximum productivity is about my travel cosmetic bag. I always keep it stocked with most of my essentials in travel size. So, my face cleanser, deodorant, creams, toothbrush, toothpaste, pain relievers, hair essentials, bandaids, contact lenses…etc. that way, when I am packing to go overnight or on an extended trip, I just have a few items to add. This makes it so much easier. And for the rest of the items I need, I use a handy packing checklist. No more worrying if I have forgotten something!


So girlfriends, make great use of your time, because time is the one thing we never seem to have enough of. Treasure and relish the time doing what you love and being with who you love… and get downright efficient about doing all the other stuff.