Becoming A Hat Person

There are so many reasons to love hats – uh hello, bad hair day!- but one of the main reasons I love hats is because they’re quickly becoming my favorite accessory for any kind of weather! Seriously, think about it. If you’re going to a beach day or a fun, sunny brunch, a large floppy hat is the cutest (and most practical) accessory. Or what about if you catch a baseball game with your guy or some gal pals? A Baseball cap is always in style! 


Here are some of my favs and why:


The Sun Hat

As I mentioned above, sun hats are IN. They’re the favorite beach accessory among celebs and fashionistas. First of all, they’re practical as heck and they keep the sun from penetrating our beautiful skin. Secondly, they’re just freakin cute! I love a good floppy sun hat while laying out next to a pool enjoying a cocktail. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Go get yourself a sun hat and enjoy a day by the pool- you deserve it Bossgal.



The Boater

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. These classic hats used once only by the elite aboard large boats and yachts have recently become a big time fashion trend.  Again, the large brim protects your face from harmful rays while you’re out in the sun and to be honest, they just look really cute paired with a tank and jeans or your favorite casual jumpsuit! 



The Baseball Cap

Typically reserved for the men in your life to attend sporting events, the baseball cap- or “Dad hats”- have made a huge splash in the fashion world for women in the recent years. This is because they’re the perfect casual accessory. It’s easy to throw on a baseball cap with a t-shirt, jeans, and some sneakers and still look totally fashionable! Plus, if we’re being honest with ourselves here, we don’t wash our hair daily so sometimes we need something to cover our hair in between wash days. 



The Fedora

This is a classic. The fedora was the height of fashion in the 1940s and 1950s. Businessmen around the country wore fedoras as a status symbol during that time, but fedoras have made a big splash in women’s wear over the last decade. The softness of your hair with the harsh angles of the fedora make for a perfect pairing! You can wear a fedora with a casual outfit or dress it up with heels and a maxi dress for a more semi-casual look. So cute either way!



Did you know that there is actually hat etiquette? It’s pretty interesting. Here are a few little tips next time you wear a hat:


1.     It’s always proper etiquette to remove your hat when you enter inside an establishment 

2.     It is acceptable to tip the brim of your hat toward a person as a “hello.”

3.     When you remove your hat, hold it in your hand so the lining of the hat is not visable. 

4.     If your hat has any ornamentation—feathers, pins, etc.—men should always have it on the left side of the hat. For women, the ornament should be on the right side of the hat.




Even though hats are so big right now in the fashion industry, they’re still considered too casual for a workplace. So it is still considered proper etiquette to remove a hat once you arrive at a business setting office or meeting, even if it’s an “indoor hat.” Sorry Bossgals. But save your cute and stylish hats for social gatherings or day outings! Bottom line: hats are making a comeback in a big way right now and I am here for it! What’s your favorite hat style?