Is Luxury Frivolous or Essential?

Is luxury frivolous or essential? 


When you think of luxury what comes to mind? Does it seem like a wonderful extravagance that you desire or does it seem indulgent and give you a negative connotation? 


Luxury is defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. It is a condition off abundance.  It adds to pleasure, satisfaction, ease, or comfort, and the fact that it is not wholly necessary makes it a special treat. 

I used to think that splurging on luxury was not necessary, and in fact was possibly glutinous and frivolous.  It certainly didn’t seem to be frugal, thrifty, or responsible. And often, I would think of it as something wealthy people could do, but I certainly did not allow it for myself, especially if finances were a struggle or other responsibilities and obligations weighed heavily. Like many people, I used to think that luxury was something that I just could not afford.  


What is YOUR relationship with luxury?  Do you desire it? Do you think it is shameful and unnecessary? Do you indulge in it but keep it as your best kept secret so others will not think badly of you?  


What I have come to learn is that our relationship with luxury is a direct reflection of our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. When you gift yourself luxury, you do more than just create an enjoyable, pampering experience. By choosing to indulge in or experience luxury, you are honoring yourself and you are acknowledging your worth.  You are actively showing yourself the self-care that you deserve, and you are unconsciously setting a beautiful standard for the way you deserve to be treated.  


By treating yourself with respect and care, you solidify your self worth so that you will not tolerate being treated poorly by others.  So many of us get stuck in lousy relation ships where we know we are not being respected or treated well. But somehow we just carry on. We somehow accept less than we should. But when you know to your core that you are worthy of more, you set a standard for yourself, and that is a healthy step.    


Self love is very powerful. It is what sets the standard for how we treat ourselves, but more importantly it sets the standard for how we allow others in our world to treat us. If you practice self-love and know your worth, your relationships will be healthier, more loving, and more blissful. And all that will translate into a happier existence. 




Go to a relaxing afternoon tea 

Lounge with a good book 

Get a Massage 

Take a leisurely walk along the beach 

Rather than throwing on comfy and raggedly clothes while at home, indulge in loungewear that feels smooth, sexy, luxurious. 

Bring in fresh flowers at home. 

Spray linen sheets with lavender scent 

Set the dining table beautifully for each meal. 

Make a decadent cup of hot cocoa and enjoying it by the fire. 

Light candles and putting on some relaxing zen music to ease away tension. 

Take time to go out to lunch even by yourself.  

Enjoy an easy-going morning without rushing. 

Take a long, luxurious hot bubble bath. 

Practice yoga or stretching to be in tune with your body.  

Write in a beautiful, inspiring journal. 

Enjoy a pitcher of water infused with cucumbers, strawberries, mint, or other herbs. 

Beautify your surroundings so you enjoy a sense of sanctuary and retreat. 


Those are just some examples that I enjoy.  But see what speaks most to your soul.  We each define luxury in different ways.  Find what speaks to you.  


I will leave you with this thought: Embracing luxury speaks volumes to your inner self.  It affirms to your soul that you are important, you matter, you are deserving, and you are to be treasured.  


I wish you a week of luxurious blissful moments…. 

And until next time… 

Stay inspired 


Karen Otis