Do You Lust To Wander?




Wanderlust is such a palpable yearning to travel, to broaden horizons, to seek out new adventures and new sights. It is a deeply rooted desire to see the world. I know that for me personally I get antsy when I am in my day to day routine without a “getaway” in sight.  So is this wanderlust a good or bad thing?


Well, without a doubt, striking a balance is essential.  We need to be productive, accomplish our career and family goals, and establish some solid roots somewhere; but there are some wonderful benefits to being a world wanderer that for me, make it a MUST!


After two glorious weeks traveling through Italy and Spain with Jeff, my love mate, I can say these four things for certain:


1. We do certainly fall into a pattern of daily routine which can create an unpleasant feeling of monotony and boredom.  Even if we are lucky enough to enjoy our work, the day in and day out repetitive nature of it can begin to weigh heavily.  That is one of the very best benefits of travel.  From the moment you decide to plan a trip, the excitement of where to go, what to research, where to stay, and what to visit, gains momentum. 

From there the planning, packing, and sheer anticipation ignite our wanderlust fire. Finally, the departure is exhilarating!


2.  The beauty of travel is that we immerse ourselves in different cultures.  Not only do different cities and sights offer us new experiences, but the cultures themselves broaden our understanding of people from around the globe.  We soon see that our view of the world is somewhat narrowed and our expectation that others approach life in the very same way we do is far from accurate. For me, there is nothing more exciting than studying different ways of life: different languages,  customs,  viewpoints, and qualities of life.  We can all too often think our way is the ONLY way, and nothing could be further from the truth.


3. Traveling does certainly take you out of your comfort zone. Not only do you need to find your way around a new city by relying on maps or a very helpful concierge, but you also have to navigate your way while trying to understand their language. In addition, when visiting somewhere foreign to you, it is hard to know where the safest places are, and as you wander you could very well end up in a seedy area that feels unprotected or unsafe. But-while being out of your comfort zone can cause discomfort—it is the very key to igniting your adventurous spark.  Learning to embrace the unknown is a powerful skill that not only brings excitement and energy to your life, but it is vital for personal growth.  The more we can embrace the unknown, and its associated discomfort, the more we will open the door for true inspiration and epic memories.


4. Travel allows us the opportunity to know ourselves more deeply.  We are put into new situations—how do you react? We try new things such as cuisine, shows, activities, recreation—do you like one that you never thought you would? Did travel bring out something new and exciting in your personality or character that you didn’t know was hiding there under the surface?  Through travel we become more educated, more tolerant, and more experienced as our horizons are forever broadened.


So epic life-seekers let me ask you….

Where has your favorite destination been thus far?

AND…where are you going to next?


Stay Inspired,

Karen Otis