10 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back


For those of you who missed my Facebook Live video last night, we discussed “Mojo” - what it is, why we need it, how we lose it, and how to get it back.

“Mojo” originates from an African word for magic charm. It can mean your energy, your confidence, sex appeal, spark, motivation; it encompasses all of these things.

So now we know what it is, why is it important? Without our mojo we can feel depleted, less energetic, distant or separated from life, or maybe you feel like you can’t get that passion and drive back in your life. Whatever the case, mojo is vital for an epic life!

Why do we lose it? There are 3 main reasons why our mojo can go MIA:

1.       Too much stress - This can happen any time we’re overwhelmed. When we are stressed, we can’t feel our feelings in an authentic way. This is the most common way to lose our mojo.

2.       An event or set back – This can be whenever we lose a job, lose a loved one, go through a breakup, any negative event or setback in our lives.

3.       Boredom – This happens to us all! It can be boredom with our job, with a partner, with our own lack of fulfillment.


Figure out which 3 of these things is your mojo-killer so you can tackle it and move forward with the next steps to get it back!

10 Surefire Ways to Reclaim Your Mojo:                       

1.       Rediscover Play – Children express joy through playfulness; they also interact and connect through play. We lose it when we’re older due to obligations like work, family, financial, etc. You can rediscover play whether it’s being  silly with loved ones or playing games, it doesn’t matter, just make it fun!


2.       Surround Yourself With Others That Have Mojo- This can be meeting with your group of friends that have that great vibration and energy. Being around people like that is likely to (re)ignite your mojo.



3.       Set Small, Incremental Goals – If you are overwhelmed, or maybe you’re not feeling successful or on top of your game, that’s a definite way to lose your mojo. However, if you set smaller, more attainable goals, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when passing each benchmark. For example, a large overall goal might be to write a novel. Instead of focusing on that, maybe just write a chapter, or send a letter to a publisher. This will make you feel good about accomplishing the smaller goals each time you do one of those things.


4.       Do Something Out of the Ordinary- Doing something out of your ordinary routine can break you free from the boredom we talked about earlier. For example, if you’re not athletic, maybe go try beach volleyball or join a softball league. I talked in the video about how I did something out of the ordinary for me and last year, my boyfriend and I went ziplining! It was something completely new and ended up being exhilarating; definitely something that sparks mojo!



5.       Create A Luminary – A luminary is like an icon, a personal hero, someone you look up to, and want to emulate. If you’re feeling self-conscious, think of your luminary and emulate their vibration, characteristics, strengths, and energy. When you do this, your mojo will come to you.


6.       Re-focus On Your Larger Purpose- What I mean by this is when you’re feeling down, refocus on your vision, stay true to your purpose, and rise above the daily setbacks. For example, when I do my Facebook lives and I don’t get any comments or feedback, I can get kind of bummed out but when I refocus on my purpose (getting my knowledge and vibrations out there to inspire you guys), I feel re-energized to stay on my mission.  



7.       Think About One Great Thing That Will Happen Today, and Again Before Bed – When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is think about one great thing that will happen that day. It can be something small like coming home to a quiet house and a glass of wine, or reading a good book. Set yourself up for a great day then come home at night and before you go to sleep, acknowledge the great thing that happened that day.


8.       Raise Your Vibration – When your vibration is high, you are energetic; you have that “spark” that people are drawn to. When your energy is low, you’re down, overwhelmed, and stressed.  The best way to break out of this is to be physical. A great way to be physical and raise your vibration is dancing! Have a dance party for one- it’s fun, physical, and sure to raise your vibration and attract that mojo.



9.       Look Fabulous – If you look great, you feel great! When we look great, we get that glow from within, and when you feel that way, others are attracted to that.


10.   Create A Theme Song- Pick a “theme song” that embodies who you are, and can even embody who you inspire to be (your luminary, perhaps?) Pick something that embodies your whole energy in a song. For example, in the video, I talked about how my theme song is “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. I chose this song because it makes me feel brave and confident every time I hear it, or even think about it. When your mojo is down, you can listen to your theme song or just listen to it in your head to pick it right back up!



Now that we’ve discovered how to get our mojo back, here are 3 things that I’d like you all to do:

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Thank you all and until next time, keep that mojo risin’!