The 7 Facets of Your Life—Which one is suffering in your life?

The 7 Facets of Your Life—Which one is suffering in your life?

Hi Epic Life Builders,

If you recall, last week we discussed what parts of your life might need some uplifting. Well this week we’re going to go over how to identify which areas are the most important, which of those important areas are lackluster, and finally, how to fix them.

I will go over what the 7 facets of your life are, and then we will do an exercise to help you identify which facets of your life are falling short. This will be different for each person. It is important to recognize which areas of your life need the most attention so that you can transform them from ordinary or mediocre to extraordinary. Once you determine those lackluster facets, you can begin applying the 8 steps of the architectural method to elevate each and every one! This is paramount for creating and building an optimal, epic life that brings your passion, inspiration, and ultimate bliss to the forefront.


The 7 facets of your life (in no particular order of importance) are:

1.       Work & Career - This is your job and/or your career; this is how we all spend most of our time as adults.

2.       Love & Intimacy – This is your amorous relationship; it could be with a spouse or a significant other, this is where your heart finds its soulmate. As human beings we all crave love and intimacy; it’s in our DNA.

3.       Family & Friends – This is your support network, your close relationships, your “team.”

4.       Personal Development – This is how you are growing as a person towards becoming the very best version of yourself. This is about becoming enlightened, gaining wisdom and broadening your experiences.

5.       Physical Self – This is your body, how healthy and active you are, how you see your physical self.

6.       Higher Purpose- This is the meaningful significance in your life. It can be the role that God plays in your life, or feeling like you have a distinct role to play in the universe. This elevates you above the mundane day to day stuff, and gives you a sense of purpose and focuses on your individual calling.

7.        Lifestyle- This is how you enjoy your life; it can be travel, entertainment, leisure, relaxation, social gatherings, etc. whatever matters most to you for your lifestyle.



Now that we have identified the 7 facets of life, I want to show you how to do an exercise to identify which one of these 7 areas is the one that falls short for you. Let’s see which one is leaving you disappointed or discouraged.

The first thing I want you to do is take out a piece of paper and write down each of the 7 facets, then gauge them on a scale of 1-10; 1 being completely nonexistent in your life and 10 being the most optimal and fulfilled portion of your life. When you are analyzing these, it’s important to ask yourself these two questions:


1.       How do you gauge that area of your life right now, today? For example, right now, today, is your job / career satisfying? How much does it fulfill you? Gauge between 1-10. 1 would reflect total dissatisfaction, and 10 would indicate a blissful career.


2.       Now, thinking idealistically with your envisioned EPIC life—what do you want that number to be on the scale of 1-10?


If you want that number to be a 10 but feel like you’re at 3, then you clearly have a gap of 7 between where you are now and where you want to be. I want you to imagine that gap between the 3 and the 10 as an ocean. You are on one side of the shore, but want to bridge the gap to the other side. How would you do it? You would need a bridge, right? So, you create a bridge from 3 to 10. How? I will tell you.


First though, I want you to do this exercise for all 7 facets, then figure out which is the one with the largest gap.  This assessment will show you which facet is suffering most in your life, and will then determine the area that you want to focus on first in your quest to build your epic life. While you will want to address each and every gap you discover,  it is tough to build all of them at once—so when applying the Architectural Method, take one facet at a time. Whichever area is lacking the most is the “internal ache” you probably feel, that feeling that something is amiss. It can often feel like a general hollowness or void. By doing this assessment, you can pinpoint the area that needs the most attention right now. Then, start building your bridges to get you to your most optimal and extraordinary life.

In Architecture, bridges need to be strong and sustainable. They carry us across from one embankment to another. We need to feel confidence in their strength.  In much the same way, using the powerful 8 steps of the architectural method gives you the tools to build something strong and sustainable for yourself.  Jump into the 8 proven steps to design your EPIC life! It is EXACTLY what I used when my life had hit rock bottom, and it transformed every facet of my life to the exhilarating life I now enjoy today.  I know for a fact, that it can do the same for you.

For a more in-depth look at my strategies, please check out  my book that is available (LINK), where I break down the architectural method step-by-step and show you how to construct your most epic and exquisite life!

Stay Inspired,

Karen Otis