Guest Room Goals

Do you have lots of guests that come to stay with you? Or maybe it’s a close friend who needs somewhere to crash overnight. Either way, it might just be the perfect time to spruce up the guest bedroom. While most of the year, the guest room may be the room you rarely even walk into, all of a sudden when you are having an overnight guest, you are thinking, “uh oh..I wish I had thought of making the guest room cozy and inviting.”


Well not to worry my girl bosses. In know that as the CEO of everything in your life, you don’t want your guest bedroom to fall short. So, I’ve come up with some easy-to-do quick fixes to add life, sparkle, and warmth to your guest room so that your guests feel extra special.


Start with some fresh cut flowers. You can never go wrong with putting some fresh flowers on the nightstand. Not only does it add a beautiful splash of color, bring nature into the space, but also the scent is wonderfully inviting. I recommend buying them the day of arrival so that they will be fresh and last for their entire stay.



Throw in a throw! When guests come overnight, I love to make them feel cozy in their surroundings. I’m all about the cozy, lusciously soft throws. It’s a great way to add color and/or texture to a room. My personal favorites are always the faux fur ones since they seem a bit decadent and luxurious.



Serve it up! I love to put a pretty serving tray at the end of the bed. Usually I put a few new magazines or books for my guests. It’s also great to use on the nightstand with a glass and pitcher of water. It’s like showing your guests that you have thought of every necessity to make them comfortable.



Bring the Glow.  Add a beautiful scented candle. Nothing brings the warm welcome to a room better than a candle with a sensuous scent.  So I typically leave a candle and lighter on the nightstand or dresser.



Wrap your guests in the delicious comfort of a cozy robe. Every guest appreciates feeling like their stay away from home is as luxurious as a 5 star hotel. I mean, who wouldn’t right? And you can add a simple touch to give them that. By hanging a robe either in their closet or in the bathroom, you will be giving them the Ritz! Just make sure that you get a gender-neutral robe, I think white looks best, because it will feel restful and spa-like.



Elevate their luggage. To really bring in the 5 star hotel vibe, why not add a luggage stand for your guest. You can find them online and they are VERY affordable. Your guests will love that you have thought of it all! It will also keep the room looking organized rather than a big ol’ suitcase on the floor with everything spilling out of it.



So there you have it Girl Boss. You are ready to put the finishing touches on your guest room, and be the hostess with the mostest. Be sure to tag me in the beautiful posts of your welcoming slice of hotel-like heaven so I can see the results!


Karen Otis