Can a Mentor be the Answer to Your Prayers?


A mentor can be many things. He/she can be a person that you go to for tips to navigate your business, and an adviser or guide to give you support and guidance, knowledge and wisdom so that you can be the best at your profession and create the career you long for.  The biggest benefit of a mentor is that he/she can help you get in the fast track lane to expedite your learning process and career success. 

Finding the right mentor for you is the key.  It should really be someone whose skills or expertise you look up to, and they should have more experience than you. In addition, you need to feel a genuine connection with that person so that you will feel comfortable opening up to discuss all sorts of things as they come up. It can be exceptionally effective if you select someone that you wish to emulate.

There are so many benefits when you find the right mentor for you.

  1. Encouragement: We all need, at various times, that cheerleader in our corner that can motivate us when we feel discouraged, remind us of what we are doing right, and give us the boost we might need to continue forward.
  2. Confidante: While we are learning a trade, starting a new career, or making big life-changing decisions, it is wonderfully reassuring to have that person with whom you can share your worries, the fears you are facing, and the obstacles in your way.
  3. Fast-track: There is boundless wisdom that comes from experience.  But how do you have that when you are just starting out? This is one of the most beneficial reasons to look for mentorship.  The interaction and feedback you can gain comes directly from that mentor’s experience and wisdom which can dramatically fast track your learning curve.
  4. Accountability: It can be ultra tough to stay on track…Often we have the full intention of completing a task or work; however, we allow ourselves to slip—to not finish, or to procrastinate. A mentor will keep pushing you by creating a schedule or target completion dates that will keep you on task. It is much harder to slack off if someone is checking up on you.
  5. Networking: Having a mentor that knows other people in your field and is willing to make the introduction to you is a wonderful way to up your networking game.
  6. Sounding Board: A mentor is the ideal sounding board when you are coming up with new ideas for your business.  They can offer advice as to whether an idea is good, what the pitfalls might be, and how to strategize towards its success.

So maybe it’s time to consider a mentor to guide, motivate, and inspire you. Or maybe just to help you get unstuck…

We go to sports coaches or trainers to strengthen our bodies.

We go to life coaches, mentors or what I like to call Life-Builders to help us strengthen our minds and souls so that we can reach new heights—to succeed in business, overcome inner struggles, and find or strengthen our personal relationships as we navigate through life.

Remember we’ve only got this one life, and it should be exceptional. Consider a mentorship to take your life to the next level.  It’s time to take it up a notch!