Does Size Really Matter?


Does Size Really Matter?

I’m not even going to comment on the age-old question… “Does size matter..” but I will tell you something I know for certain—Height matters!

There is a dramatic shift that happens in a space with an eight foot ceiling versus one with a ten foot ceiling. Have you ever noticed how ceiling height affects you?

A low ceiling can feel heavy and weighty.  It can make you feel encumbered, compressed, and confined. On the other hand, a space with height gives you a feeling of openness, freedom, and expansion.

So it makes perfect sense, that a tall space would invite your creativity, your ingenuity, and your inspiration. Studies show that a high ceiling can encourage more abstract and imaginative thinking.  I like to say that a tall space elevates and uplifts your soul.

But sometimes, we just don’t have the luxury of creating a high ceiling.  Perhaps the ceilings in your home are 8’, and there is no way to alter that. Most tract homes are built with 8’ ceilings, and for decades that was the standard. So in those instances, here are some tips to giving the illusion of more height without doing anything structural or costly.

  1. Take kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling.  By allowing the cabinets to reach the ceiling, you are able to give the illusion of more height.
  2. Make all the doors in the home as tall as possible.  A 7’6” door can make a dramatic difference to draw your eye upward as opposed to the standard 6’8”doors.
  3. Put in transom or clerestory windows to give more light and suggest height.
  4. In bathrooms, take the mirror all the way up to the ceiling rather than stopping it at 7’. This will give the room that added sense of height.]
  5. Take fireplace materials or wall materials all the way to the ceiling to add drama and the illusion of height.
  6. When installing tile or ship lap or other accent finishes on the wall, use a vertical pattern rather than a horizontal one. This can do wonders for stretching the height.
  7. Incorporate tall bookcases or other decorative elements that go all the way to the ceiling as they will draw your eye upward.
  8. When installing drapes or other window coverings, have them start at the ceiling versus at the window head.  This can give you an added foot or so that will promote height.

As a general rule, allow your spaces to expand.  Allow them to stretch and uplift. And in so doing, allow your soul to follow.