How afraid do you get when you hear the word... CHANGE?


Human beings by nature do not particularly like change.  We like to stick to what we know, what is familiar, what we have become comfortable with, and what can be predicted with little to no surprise.  For this reason, we can be resistant to change, and that may very well be at the heart of why New Year’s resolutions don’t typically stick.

I can tell you, that clients embarking on a home remodel often feel tremendous anxious about tearing down or re-building the home they know so well.  While they are excited about the promise of an update or upgrade, they nevertheless take hesitant steps.  But, it is this very discomfort, this trepidation that is absolutely necessary for true change to take place.  This uneasiness is to be absolutely expected.  It becomes important not to allow the apprehension to dissuade you from the change you are seeking; but rather, understand that its presence is a normal part of the process.

And this notion of anxiety surrounding changes applies to all parts of our lives.  For me, preparing the launch of my book (April 4, 2017) holds anxiety galore! Walking into a field that is nothing like my “day job” to which I am a 20+ year veteran…brings a whole lot of worry, a stomach full of butterflies, and an onslaught of new situations to which I am NOT accustomed!  (Insert SCREAM here…) But—that is never a reason to stop the process…instead it is the very reason to pursue it.  We as human beings grow with each new experience in which we place ourselves. And that new knowledge, enlightenment, and avenue for success is both exciting and empowering. It is an expansion of our souls, our minds, and our self-confidence. It’s another thing to cross off the proverbial bucket list…so why not take the leap into the change?

For clients that I work with in the Be The Architect Of Your Life Program, they can feel even more unsettled and anxiety-ridden than my home building clientele.  For these clients interested in a life-build, where they are re-evaluating their passions, their purpose, they embark on a soulful journey to dig deeply into themselves to uncover the dream life, dream career, soul mate, and lifestyle that they envision. Once they discover that, they create a precise “plan of attack” or what I call systematic construction documents, to thoughtfully and meticulously list the steps to transform their vision into a full-fledged reality. The more discomfort and apprehension they endure, the more profound their results truly are. I have seen new passions and interests born, new business plans created, new goals set, and new life-altering plans put into action. Their desire for change, despite the fear or unease, has led them to design and build new dreams and aspirations achieved.

And what better time to do that than now, as we are fresh and energized for a new year. I love the excitement of a New Year’s potential and possibilities.  So much lies in wait—ready to be tried, ready to be applied, ready to kick start new and empowered projects around us, as well as the project that is our very selves! Are there things you have been aching to do, to try, to grow, or build?  Be careful about waiting too long to jump right in, because as I certainly learned this year, life is too short, and we never know when our time is up.

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Wishing you a fear-LESS year of outstanding change that catapults your life… is time to build it, and I’ve got the tools you need.

With boundless joy and inspiration,