Cool, Calm, and Collected


The holidays tend to be an intense time for most of us.  It might be intense because we have too many events to attend, too many gifts to buy, too much chaos with out of town guests, or consolidated family time. It can be difficult to stay connected to our inner calm and maintain personal peace in the midst of overwhelm. So while the level of activity goes into turbo mode; we need to bring our coping skills into turbo mode as well.

The holidays should also be about introspection, relaxation, and connection. So how do we maintain the right balance?  While our social calendars are busy, how do we stay grounded? Here are some tips:

  1. Set an intention for your holiday time.

Are you looking to recharge and allow your body to rest? Are you feeling overwhelmed and want to slow it all down? Or…

Do you want to reach out to friends and/or family to forge some deeper relationships and connections with those you care about? Or…

Do you want to explore a new hobby during your time off? Maybe you want to dabble in photography or painting or want to dive into a book.

By setting an intention and re-directing yourself towards it when you feel overwhelmed or swept up in the chaos, you can create the type of holiday you are wishing for. When deciding what you want to do on any particular day, or how to celebrate—set your sight on your intention, and it will help your decision making process.

  1. Remember the Outdoors.

With all the gift buying and the family get-togethers, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors. We are in our homes, in our kitchens, in the mall, and in the grocery store. For some of us, especially the outdoorsy types, this can feel restricting. For others, it can even feel claustrophobic.  It is important to keep your soul expansive. A leisurely walk outside and a breath of fresh air can do the trick.

  1. Stretch!

No, I don’t mean that you should put on your stretchy pants for all the eating you’ll do! But, with all the delicious holiday cooking, we do tend to sit and eat…and sit and eat some more! Our bodies feel heavy and lethargic.  Remember to get up and stretch often.  Keep your muscles, your limbs, and your joints in motion.  Plus, if you exert yourself a bit more, you may get the fantastic endorphin rush which uplifts everything!

  1. Be in the moment.

While pictures are fantastic to document the memories you are making, it is important to set down that camera or cell phone, stop the endless selfies which keeps us connected to others rather than those we are with, and truly connect with the holiday and those around you.  With so many distractions, electronics, cell phones, and new gifts…we can feel inundated with too much stimulus. Remember to take a Zen moment to truly be present.

However you choose to spend your holidays, enjoy the time off, treasure the moments with your family and friends, uplift your soul, and rejuvenate your spirit.  And most of all…keep CALM and carry on!