Sad, Sullen, and Scared

The events around the world as of late have been frightening and unrelenting.  It is becoming an everyday occurrence to turn on the tv or internet news and see something horrific, where lives have no value and human empathy is lost. After the events in Nice, France last week, I have found myself carrying such tension and worry about nothing in specific…just an overall sad and sullen state of mind.

I can vividly remember the day of 9-11 and the incredible shock and terror I felt as planes took down the World Trade Center towers.  It had seemed inconceivable. Now, when these terrorist attacks happen, it is as if we don’t feel that same shocking blow. What has happened to that fear-gripping distress we once felt? Are these brutal attacks becoming part of our every day? Are we getting numb to it all? Or are we so overwhelmed by it all, that in order to protect ourselves, we don’t allow ourselves to really feel the horror?

 Walking around in a sad, sullen, and scared mindset is not healthy. But neither is numbing ourselves to the painful feelings. So what do we do? Well, we certainly need to be more cautious and aware, more vigilant and more observant. But we also need to reconnect…with ourselves. 

In these terrifying times, meditation is becoming fundamentally crucial. We must quiet the “noise” of our lives which is getting increasingly loud. We must listen to our inner wisdom which is ignored in the chaos of distractions.

While our world is plagued by turmoil, we must nurture and console our worried and scared souls.

While our world is clearly not at peace, we must take the time to find our inner peace.

 I highly recommend guided meditations. They take only about 10 minutes. Some of my favorites are at