This year, my goal has been to become fully entrenched in my intuition. I am learning everything I can about it…what it is, how to access it, and how to distinguish brain chatter from authentic intuitive thoughts. The key to unlocking that intuition is to quiet the mind, so that the soulful intuition can be heard. That is no easy task!   In that quest, I am engaging in much more meditation, making it a part of my every day.

 The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind, to stop the distractions and chaos of every day. The tension, stress and anxiety we experience are typically generated by our minds. Meditation stops the chatter, allowing us to let go of this stress, find inner calm and peace, and achieve a sense of relaxed happiness.

 I’m sure you are wondering just how you go about meditating. It seems like this mysterious method…but truly it is simple and straight forward.  Here is a breathing meditation that is a great way to begin your practice.

Choose a quiet place for meditation.  Sit on a pillow with legs crossed if that is comfortable for you. Do not slouch, but rather try to keep a straight back and good posture so the mind does not become sluggish. You might want to light a candle or incense.  This is not crucial; it is just a way to develop a ritual so that your mind knows it is time to prepare for its silence.

 Keep your eyes partially closed, and begin to pay attention to your breath.  It is all about the breathing. Breathe through your nose if possible. Bring your awareness to each breath; hear its sound, feel it enter and leave your body. As you breathe air in, feel your stomach expand. I call these Big Belly Breaths. You will quickly notice that your mind starts to be distracted or wander so easily and so often.  You will notice how annoyingly busy it is. Try not to follow each thought, but rather gently return your attention to your breath. Start by doing this for about 3 minutes each day.  Then extend that to 5…then 10….even 15 or 20 minutes. It will be a struggle at first so know that and do not give up. Over time, your mind will learn this exercise.

The calm and inner peace you will feel after a meditation session is well worth it!