Find Your Niche

Niches are a wonderful way to showcase beautiful objects, whether they are pottery, vases, crystals and fossils, sculptures, or other decor. It can be even more visible and striking by adding lighting above to dramatically accent the piece.
Rather than grouping too many objects which then resembles clutter, the niche approach enhances the piece, brings attention to its beauty, and adds a sense of preciousness. I love placing artistic colored glass objects because they reflect the light in a stunning way.

Another fun way to use a niche is for a wall of succulents! Yes, you can use a “living wall,” for those with a seriously green thumb. Or for the rest of us, use real-looking artificial succulents. Some look incredibly real. I created this wall below in our entryway. I love when people ask….”are those real?” And yes, I’m still talking about succulents!

What you choose to use for the back of the niche is just as important as the object you choose to showcase. While it can be drywall painted white, or another color, stone, wood, Venetian plaster, or frosted glass…the options are countless, but the key is to find something that will contrast with your showcased object to really bring out its beauty.

But…what about you? Have you found your individual niche? What I mean is….in your life? In your work? In your hobbies or fun pursuits? Is your life arranged in such a way to showcase what’s best and most vibrant in you?
Sure, we can choose to live life passively, with general vague interest. In fact, that is what most people do. But that may be the source of our society’s melancholy. Many live with “just alright.” I prefer to grab life and jump into the deep end!
Discovering your own niche where you excel or thrive is truly vital to living a fulfilling and enriching life. It allows you to focus on the specific and be more present in your life. When we are too general, too vague, and too unfocused with our pursuits and desires, there can be a lack of depth to our involvement. We may be “busy”, but we tend to do nothing powerfully.

Let me give you an example–you may enjoy exercise and dabble in different activities…OR you could discover what sport lights you up–and pursue it passionately. Maybe it is cycling, or tennis, or paddle boarding! Maybe it is yoga, pilates, or zumba!
And the same goes for other parts of our lives. If you are eager to learn about something new, dive into all the books and articles you can find! Plan a trip to learn even more on the subject that entices you. Depth in our lives, happens when we dig further and further. Don’t settle for a passive overview…crave more! Because life can be lived on the surface, never really getting your feet wet or your hands dirty. Or, it can be lived deeply, diving in, making a huge splash and enjoying every minute of it.