Change is inevitable! That is the one constant of which we can be completely certain. In architecture, this is particularly true. The spaces in which we live are forever changing. It is impossible for them to stay entirely still and static. Even without planned changes to our built environment, then at the very least, the space is changing by aging or simply from use and wear.

And as our surroundings evolve…so do we. As I have just come home from my daughter’s graduation from Penn State, this seems particularly true. The last week has been all about chapters ending, and new beginnings. This idea of transformation and change is something that we do personally to ourselves several times throughout our lives. When we go to college, when we get married, have kids, and again when the nest is empty, we transform our lives, often redefining ourselves. Though it can certainly introduce stress, uncertainty, pushing past our comfort zone of familiarity, it inspires tremendous possibility and creativity.

And maybe that is the key to staying inspired, to never stay too long in that familiar comfort zone; to always look at ourselves and our surroundings with fresh eyes. Rather than fearing change, we should embrace the transformation.
For me, there is a whirlwind of change in the air. Something was undoubtedly stirring inside, and I felt the intuitive nudge to expand my life and career. In a kind of awakening, I have come to see architecture as a way of living offering such a keen perspective on life. I finished writing my book Be the Architect of Your Life and taking architecture a step further, I am giving motivational speeches, interacting and helping others to build their inspired life. Still designing and building wonderfully inspired spaces, I am also thoroughly enjoying the new path I’m walking. I am a firm believer that each of us has an individual life purpose. We are on a path to discover that purpose.

So, I will share as we go along. As this blog continues, it will hopefully bring to you a little architecture, a little insight, a little creativity, and a lot of inspiration and soul.
To inspired living!